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Term life insurance provides inexpensive death protection and pays a benefit to your beneficiary if you die within the given term period. It is commonly referred to as “temporary insurance” or “renter’s insurance” because most people keep term insurance for a short period of time and then drop the coverage when it is no longer needed. Term is extremely popular because you can buy very large amounts of life insurance coverage without paying an excessive premium.

Term life is the simplest type of life insurance. It is designed to cover short term needs and doesn’t build cash value. Rates for term insurance are calculated based on your age, gender, health history and tobacco use. The younger you are and the better health you are in, the lower your rate. However, as you get older, the cost for term insurance increases and at some point can become cost prohibitive

Because term life premiums eventually increase in the future, most people drop their policies long before their ultimate life expectancy. For this reason, insurance companies generally have very favorable claims experience with term life making it a very profitable part of their overall business. This explains why term insurance is so cheap and as a result is one of the most popular types of life insurance you can buy. 

In simple terms, specialty insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It is insurance that covers you in unique or well... special situations. It is also used to provide protection for situations that might otherwise be protected under another policy but are not protected because of some unusual aspect. For example you may be insured for life insurance yet because you're a pilot your insurance coverage doesn't apply when your flying. You would need specialty insurance for this to provide protection at all times, no matter what your doing. Some of the major types of specialty insurance include:

Chiropractor Insurance Diabetics
Cigar and Tobacco Users Medical Conditions
CPA Life Insurance Physicians and Doctors
Dentist Life Insurance Smokers
Federal Employees Military Life Insurance
High Risk Obesity
IEEE Pilots
Race Car Drivers Scuba Diving
Architects Return On Premium
Mortgage Life Insurance


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