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Coal Quandary

Big Coal Backs Beeker

and Flowers in same PSC Race


E-mails Show

Yellowhammer News

working with Alabama

Power consultants

against PSC's Dunn



Alabama Power

to Matrix to PACE

Connecting the dots: From

Alabama Power, to its favored political consulting form, to one-person non-profit that serves the power company's interests


Your Support



    This project is entirely self-funded and independent. It is journalism, if with a strongly stated point of view.

      That Alabama Power's

governmental relations

arm is ruthless, unethical,

and corrupt.


     I have spent about $4,000 thousand dollars of my own money and worked hundreds of hours in the past three months. If I were paid at my hourly rate of $50, my time charges would be in excess of $17,000.

       In other words, total costs of more than $21,000 and counting.

       As of Jan. 9, I've received 17 donations for a total of $1,875.

      If you've learned something from the site, or watched the video and appreciate my efforts, I encourage you to consider making a donation, whether by PayPal or by check, to:   

Eddie Curran     

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     Donors who contribute $25 or more will receive a DVD of the documentary, "Mr. Dunn Goes to Montgomery."

        I will list donors who state that they are happy to be identified. I will soon provide a running tally on donations as well as my costs.


        Please Note: I do not consider my research to be over.

          Not by a long shot. For me to adequately continue  -- which I anticipate to include travel costs to Montgomery and Birmingham -- I must have support.

          Thank you.

            Eddie Curran




Working Theory

   My working theory, based on information in the video and gathered since, is:

       1. That executives and government relations officials at Alabama Power have participated in and approved of the plan to destroy Terry Dunn's political career by falsely branding him as a

liberal and an environmentalist.

      2. That the anti-Dunn campaign has been carried out by separate camps, one Republican, the other with Democratic affiliations. Both are connected to Alabama Power, and both have applied similar themes in their attacks.

       Both, for example, have accused Dunn chief of staff David Rountree of being a liberal influence on Dunn. And both have used footage of a questionable environmental protest to portray Dunn as a liberal environmentalist.

      These two groups, or so goes my theory, are:

       Primary Republican Team Participants: Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard; the lobbying/political consulting firm Swatek Azbell Howe & Ross; Yellowhammer News and its head, Cliff Sims; and PSC President Twinkle Cavanaugh.

       Primary Democratic Team Participants: Matrix LLC, which is the political consulting firm headed by Joe Perkins, and long associated with its work for Alabama Power and Democratic clients and politicians; and two non-profits, JobKeeper Alliance and People for Affordable Clean Energy (PACE).

      If the the above-stated theory is correct, it means that Alabama's largest utility monopoly has engaged in an effort to intimidate an elected regulator and has and continues to try to destroy his chance of re-election.  

        Question: If the above is correct -- such as, should it be proved -- has Alabama Power and the company officials involved, committed a crime? I don't know the answer to that, but it seems a fair question.


Press Release


       Oct. 11, 2013 -- MOBILE, AL -- In 2010, Republican businessman Terry Dunn spent a grand total of $13,000 in becoming an upset winner for on of three spots on the Alabama Public Service Commission.

      He came to Montgomery with a novel idea: Review the unusually high rates of return allowed for Alabama's utilities, and hold formal rate hearings.

       Novel? Not really. Other states do this routinely.

       Just not Alabama.

       Dunn urged the PSC to simply consider lowering Alabama Power' rate of return, or allowed profit. It was, after all, the highest allowed rate of return of any power company in the country, and far above the national average.

      In 30 years, no PSC member had suggested doing those things.


      If you want to know why, watch, "Mr. Dunn Goes to Montgomery."

      The four-part documentary is on You-Tube. Links to four parts and much else as well can be found on: IsAlabamaPowerBehindTheMask.Com

      My name is Eddie Curran. I was for some 20 years, and until 2007, a reporter for the Mobile Press-Register. Several years ago, I started a one-person business, Curran Research Services LLC.

   In late August I was contacted by a Mississippi group called Bigger Pie Forum, a Mississippi-based nonprofit devoted to pro-growth economic policy in Mississippi.

     I was asked to research/investigate two Montgomery-based non-profits, one called JobKeeper Alliance, the other, PACE. Both had used various means to publicly criticize Bigger Pie. This criticism was a result of a request by Mississippi Power to further increase rates to help cover for its over-budget Kemper coal plant.

     "Mr. Dunn Goes to Montgomery" takes no position whatsoever on the merits of Mississippi Power's request or Bigger Pie's arguments against it.

        I had been recommended as a capable investigative reporter who was familiar with Alabama politics. I agreed to the assignment.

     My research (which included reading many fantastic stories by Alabama reporters)  focused almost solely on the situation in Alabama that is the subject of this documentary.

     I have notified Bigger Pie Forum that I will not be billing them or accepting their money.

     With expenses, I was to be paid about $5,500, though I believe they would have paid me for all my time and expenses. At the start, I had no idea what this was going to develop into and that it would consume my nearly every waking moment.

     After about three weeks, I ceased counting my time. Truth is, I didn't have time to count my time.

      So: I have left at least $5,500 on the table, and spent at least $3,000. I have no idea what would be the total of all my hours at my modest rate of $50 per hour. But pretty much, for me anyway.

     However, this is too important a story, at least for me, to have it and my efforts dismissed as public relations for a client.


     I will be grateful for any donation or even kind word of support or feedback that you care to give me.



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Project Purpose:

Exposing Alabama Power's role

in the campaign against Terry Dunn






















Did Alabama Power pay D.C.-based 60-Plus' to bash Dunn, carry its water at PSC?

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The Terry Dunn Enemies List

A Whose Who of Alabama Politics


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  Suggested strategies for reporterseeking to expose Alabama Power's role in campaign against Terry Dunn



  "This is about as good as it gets for electric utilities"

Stock Analyst gives Public Service Commission an A-Plus -- for   Alabama Power shareholders, not the rate-paying public

GO HERE to get investors' rosy view of Alabama PSC


                  GO HERE to learn about my documentary,

   Mr. Dunn Goes To Montgomery




      The Alabama Public Service Commission has the embarrassing distinction of allowing the state's largest utility a mind-boggling and nation-leading rate of return in excess of 14 percent. That dwarfs the national average.

     Alabama Power's profit never dips below 13 percent. The national average for electricity monopolies is about 9 percent.

       If Terry Dunn were to succeed in bringing the company's profits even halfway to the national average, the monthly power bills of Alabama citizens -- rich, poor, elderly, middle class, owners of business -- would go down. That's not theory, it's fact.

      This web-site is devoted to showing what happens when an Alabama politician, especially a member of the state agency that regulates utilities, crosses The Power Company.

       I will not quit until Alabama Power accepts responsibility for what has been done (such as the image below), reveals how much has been spent, to whom, and provides the sort of reports, memos and e-mails that lay it all bare.


The Protesters

For Terry Dunn, Or Against Him?

Pawns ... Or Players?

      On July 17, the Public Service Commission held a hearing regarding Alabama Power. Commissioner Terry Dunn derided it as a "dog and pony show," and not the sort of formal, judicial rate hearing held in other states. After the hearing started, a group of about 10 people, having arrived from out of town, positioned themselves outside the building.

    They wore masks and carried posters. As if on cue, they were photographed and filmed, not by the media, but by people who knew they were coming. The "protesters," wearing masks, stayed long enough for that.

     Film and pictures taken that morning -- including an all-important picture of a poster proclaiming support of Dunn -- have since been used in political media designed to connect Dunn to so-called job-killing environmentalists, and to portray him, to Republican voters and the Republican leadership, as a liberal.

    The people who have done this to Dunn deserve to be exposed, including the protesters if they are found to have been in league with those out to harm Dunn. That is the goal of this self-funded, one-person journalism project: To expose all who have participated.


Spy Games

A most unusual tale, involving a secretly taken photo of me,

and the anonymous Twitter account -- under the name "Agent Pooty Pants" -- that spread it throughout state Republican circles


"Nothing is financially right if it's

morally wrong. You have to start by running

your business with honesty, integrity and

by telling the truth. Once you do that, you

can then start focusing on results."

   -- Alabama Power CEO

Charles McCrary

(McCrary's Total Compensation in 2012: $5.6 million)

Alabama Power CEO Charles McCrary (center)

with Governmental Relations Team.

     At left, Patrick Cagle, son of a long-time former Alabama Power executive. Cagle is head of Jobkeeper Alliance, a non-profit whose funding and most expenses are a secret.

    Cagle has tirelessly bashed Dunn and put out videos and other media linking Dunn to environmentalists.  

    Here's Cagle at a July PSC meeting related to Alabama Power. He is the lone employee of JobKeeper, which has also involved itself on behalf of Mississippi Power in that company's efforts to raise rates to fund its way over-budget Kemper plant.

     Seated behind Cagle, and to his left: Alabama Power governmental relations executives Zeke Smith, center, and, at right, Nick Sellers. And behind them, some of the company's endless swarm of lawyers.


Profile in

Political Cowardice

      What do Luther Strange, PSC President Twinkle Cavanaugh, and Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard have in common?

      Neither is satisfied.

     All yearn for higher office.

     And they know what it's going to take: Money.

     They know what will happen if they cross Alabama Power.

     They won't get any.

    Under Alabama law, the Attorney General is charged with ensuring that utility rates are fair to consumers. The AG has the authority to call for the type of formal hearings sought by Terry Dunn.

      When Cavanaugh and fellow Alabama Power acolyte Jeremy Oden refused Dunn's request for such hearings, Dunn wrote Strange to ask the attorney general to order rate hearings on Alabama Power, Mobile Gas, and Alagasco.

      "Big Luther" didn't just say no, he did so in a rude fashion. His ugly, dismissive response was intended for public airing, intended to please Alabama Power by publicly humiliating Dunn.


       This is how Alabama's highest ranking law enforcement officer responded to Dunn's utterly reasonable plea for him to ensure that Alabama oversee its utility Monopolies as other states do:

The above graphic comes complements of Yellowhammer News, not that Yellowhammer approved its usage here. Yellowhammer, for reasons explained on this web-site, is among the leaders in the Dunn-bashing campaign.


















































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This WebSite

     All I can say about the look and design of this web-site is that I do it myself, and the best I can, with limitations that are obvious.

        To help you get around I've created a site index. The above link takes you to the index to to links to the various pages. and summaries of what's on each page.

     My letter to Alabama Power asking about its involvement in the Dunn matter is also on this page.


The Gale Force



    Learn about the film

company used by Alabama Power and political consulting firm Matrix to deliver

Power Co. propaganda


About Me

     My name is Eddie Curran. I live in Mobile, Ala., as I have for most of my life. That included almost 20 years at the Mobile Register. During most of that time I focused on investigative projects, with stories and series on state politics, the courts, and white collar misbehavior.

       In the late 1990s I wrote quite a few stories about Alabama Power, including investigative pieces about the company's relationship with shady political consultant Buddy Hamner and commissioner Jan Cook. I'm sure that my past interest has much to do with my decision to take on this project, independently and on my own dime.

     I left the newspaper in 2007 to write a book on former governor Don Siegelman. It tells about my reporting on Siegelman, his administration, the criminal investigation and trial, and related matters. It's called, "The Governor of Goat Hill."

      For information about and the book and the Siegelman case, go to EddieCurran.Com.

      I'm 52, married, with three children, including two humans (Jerry and Eva) and their brother, a dog (Ralph).


Why I'm

Doing This

      Strip away the details, and what has occurred is this:

    A substantial number of people -- many of whom are pillars of the Birmingham and Montgomery business, social and/or political community and who make more in one year than many people make in 20 years, even a lifetime .....

     Men and women who rofess to be ethical and moral ...      and attend the finest churches ... Devised or by other means authorized or abetted the scheme to ruin Terry Dunn politically and erase him as a threat to Alabama Power's otherwise total control of the Alabama Public Service Commission.

    There was nothing spontaneous about the scheme. Just the opposite. It involved considerable planning; a substantial sum of money; and a great deal of time.

    These cowards acted for one reason: Their own personal enrichment.

    This personal enrichment at Dunn's expense comes to them in a variety of ways.

    For some, its fees for service; for others, it's the hope and promise of greater salaries and promotions and to prevent the possible devaluation of their immense stock shares should Alabama Power's rate of return be diminished even slightly.

   They deserve your scorn. They deserve to be exposed.

      My promise to you is this: Even if I have to pay for it myself, expenses as well as hundreds of hours of my time and more to come, I will keep going.

    To them, I make this pledge:  

     If I come across or am provided with any document, e-mail, or personal account that reflects that you knowingly and with comprehension of the scheme -- including any effort to conceal what has occurred -- I will identify you and that evidence on this web-site.

    Probably no one will see it, but it will be here.

   That's not a threat. That's a fact.

    If that sounds melodramatic and arrogant, so be it.

     However: I have to believe that many of you regret what you have done.

My Phone:



    I will travel for promising tips and information.


Want to Vote for Alabama Power?

    Believe it or not, the company is on the ballot. They're running against Dunn in next year's Republican primary.

     Well, not quite. But when it comes to letting the power company run the table at the PSC, there's not an ounce of difference between an APCO exec and ....

Chip Beeker

    This friendly looking guy has already been endorsed by Haley Barbour and Karl Rove.

     Barbour is, among other things, the national lobbyist for Alabama Power's parent company, the Southern Company.

      When is the last time two national power-hitters like that made endorsements in a little 'ole state PSC election and against an incumbent Republican?

    Say never and you would be on target.

     Do you get the feeling Alabama Power wants to get rid of Terry Dunn?

Barbour and Beeker, from a "tweet" by Beeker. Credit Beeker for turning himself in. Here at "Is Alabama Power Behind the Mask," we appreciate -- no, we marvel at -- your candid recognition of whose ass you will race to kiss if elected.

     Here's Beeker using Facebook to applaud one of Yellowhammer News' attacks on Dunn. Along with the link was this message from the candidate: "I'm on the conservative team."

     Apparently, this man who wants your vote believes it's "liberal" and therefore wrong to question why a company that does not have to compete in the open market (capitalism) for your business is allowed the highest return on equity (profit) of any such company in the entire United States.  

      Scoot over Crimson Tide.

     Alabama also ranks number one in letting its power company run the table on its elected toadies

     With one exception: Terry Dunn.

     And look what's happening to him.