Thursday August 18th at 8 PM: Captain's meeting at Fisher's, boats may leave immediately after meeting. 

Friday August 19th at 5:30 AM Fishing may begin and will continue  through 6 PM weigh-in Saturday (8/20) afternoon at the Mobile Big Game Fishing Club.

Entry fee is $1,500 per boat, which includes 3 participants. Each additional participant will be $100. There will not be additional calcutta awards for the tournament this year, all prize money will come from entry fees. A portion of the tournament proceeds will be given to charity. The top boat winner will draw from a group of possible charitable causes selected by the tournament committee.

Prize Money:
50% of the cash available for prize money (after expenses and donation) will be allocated to catch and release. Three places will be paid for catch and release, with proceeds being split 50/30/20.
The remaining 50% of the prize money will be split equally between Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin, paying one place per category.

Looking forward to another great event!

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