Billfish Release Rules:
1. Blue Marlin, White Marlin and Sailfish are eligible for release points.  Blue Marlin receive 500 base points, White Marlin and Sailfish receive 200 base points. A release is defined as the wireman touching the leader or the swivel touching the rod tip.

2. Line bonus points will be awarded in the following manner: 130 lb- 0%; 80 lb- 125%; 50 lb- 150%; 30 lb- 175%; 20 lb- 200%.

3. Video release bonus points: 100 bonus points will be awarded for video documentation or still picture verification of a caught and released Blue Marlin. 50 bonus points will be awarded for documentation of a White Marlin or Sailfish.

4. Any dispute will be settled by the tournament committee, and this decision shall be final.




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